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Supply Crate – Manuel

Manuel was nominated for a Supply Crate by his wife who wanted to give him an outlet to enjoy and connect with others.

My husband, Manuel, was with the Marines and fought in Afghanistan as a machine gunner. When he returned home he never shared his experiences. For the past decade we have tried to get him more comfortable opening up. He has had 4 attempts of suicide and been to multiple PTSD programs to include Camp Hope last year. He does not have a strong social network anymore and his military friends live in other states. I wish for him to have another outlet to relax. He struggles to build new relationships. I was hoping video games might reconnect with other veterans or his old buddies. He does enjoy playing sports with our two kids.

Sounds like sports games may be right up Manuel's alley. Stack Up also has a Discord community where those looking to game with others can join anytime. There are also several other Veteran communities out there dedicated to bringing Veterans together whether for fun or competition.

Thank you so much for your generous gift!

You're welcome! It's the least we can do for our fellow Veterans.

1 Shot Energy was also included in this Supply Crate. Thanks, once again, to 1 Shot Energy for their support not only with their generous donation but with their fundraising event held in April this year.

Yaboiwiilly sponsored Manuel's Supply Crate. He's a Shoutcaster who enjoys playing a variety of games, especially MMOs. Check him out on Twitch.

Join us on June 14th for a special Stack Up Stream on the Stack Up Twitch channel. We'll be building a PC with AMD Salute to give away once the weekend is up and donations are tallied.

Hit the button below to answer the Call to Arms and fundraise or donate to Stack Up today!

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2 Kommentare

Jeeino JB
Jeeino JB
21. Juni

What a touching story about  Manuel and the extremely good guide he is receiving! It is heartwarming to see such dedication to our veterans. If everyone's searching out more ways to show assistance, you can save on your purchases with a Firmoo coupon code and direct those savings to causes like Stack Up. Each bit helps!

Gefällt mir

18. Juni

It's great to see companies like 1 Shot Energy and individuals like Yaboiwiilly stepping up to make a difference, snake game.

Gefällt mir
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