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Supply Crate – LeVar

We're so close to Veterans Day! Why support our Supply Crates program by donating?

To support Veterans such as today's recipient, LeVar. As LeVar told us in his request:

currently a vet dealing with PTSD, trying to obtain a service dog at the moment to mitigate symptoms of depression, anxiety, isolation, and night terrors.

There are thousands of Veterans out there living with PTSD. We may not be able to send a console to every single one of them, but we'll sure give it a try! So long as they continue to fill out Supply Crate requests.

We sent a crate out to LeVar. Photos aren't mandatory for receiving a crate but are much appreciated as we send them to our sponsors.

Here r a couple of photos tell me if u need more. Thank you so much, I never expected so much!

Thank you, LeVar, for getting back to us! And we do our best to throw in some extras with the consoles we send out.

Today's update happened thanks to CryptoWrench, who, through his support, has raised more than enough for multiple Supply Crate sponsorships and even an Air Assault trip!

Want to help us reach our $600k goal by the end of the year? Sign up by hitting the button below to fundraise or join us this Friday, Veterans Day, for Call to Arms LIVE on the Stack Up Twitch Channel.

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