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Supply Crate – Jonathan

Jonathan requested a Supply Crate because he was financially strapped and couldn't justify such a high expense on his budget:

Ever since getting out of the Army, I have struggled with making and keeping friends. It has been hard for me to be social and at times go out. I was diagnosed with PTSD soon after I left the Army, and it was hard at first to deal with life. I started to reconnect with some of my Army buddies over Xbox again before COVID, which helped out a lot. I used to play with some of the same guys on when I was in. I remember hanging out with my friends' in their barracks rooms  and during deployment playing videogames. COVID was hard on me and my relationships and many of the guys I was playing with stopped gaming or have upgraded/switched to PS5. COVID hit our family hard, my wife got sick and was unable to work, she had surgery and was in the hospital a few times all while I was in School. We were struggling for and barely getting by if we didn't have my VA comp I don't know where we would be right now.  We are still trying to recover financially and I cannot justify a purchase like this with our budget. It is hard for me to talk to others sometimes if I don't have something occupying my time, and I love video games and would like to reconnect again with my old friends who are now spread across the country. Now that I have started working and I wish I had an outlet to relax and destress, that also gave me a chance to hang out with my friends.

We're glad Jonathan reached out and requested a Supply Crate because we're just the people who can help him reconnect with his friends through gaming. We packed him up and shipped him out a Supply Crate, and he sent us a photo in return.

Thank you so much. Attached is the Supply crate photo requested. Let me know if it is good enough. 
Jonathan, MSW, LCSWA

We hope Jonathan has plenty of fun reconnecting with his fellow gamers.

SrslyNoz, a longtime supporter of Stack Up, sponsored Jonathan's Supply Crate. Thanks to SrslyNoz and his donors for helping us provide Jonathan with a new console and games! You can link up with SrslyNoz on Twitter if you want to get to know him.

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