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Supply Crate – Jonathan F

New Years is on its way, folks, but we still have Supply Crate updates for you. As long as we send out Supply Crates and receive replies, we will never run out of Supply Crate updates regardless of the season.

Today we'll be telling you about Jonathan. As sent in his request:

I am a 31 year old Army veteran, deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. I have been dealing with PTSD since then and it has only gotten worse. There are days where I can't even get out of bed. My childhood was filled with playing video games, from playing Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo to playing the first Call of Duty. Playing video games is one of the major ways I can clear my mind. I enter this virtual world where I am able to feel happy and feel happy after I'm done playing. Instead of sleeping, I can keep my mind active and build my way out of depression and anxiety from PTSD. Unfortunately, I have not been able to have a game console due to finances and COVID19. Right now, I'm going to school through VOC Rehab and my only income is VA disability benefits. I would love to have this type of therapy in my life again.

Jonathan sent us some reply photos but no text. We're happy to know he received the crate either way. Thanks for reaching out so that we could get a Supply Crate out to you, Jonathan.

Javion sponsored this crate. Thanks, Javion, and thanks to everyone who contributed to helping us get yet another Supply Crate shipped out to someone who needs it.

Thinking about getting into some volunteering in 2022? We have plenty of opportunities to do some good through gaming. Click that red button below to navigate to our How to Help page to learn more.

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