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Supply Crate – Jon

We're exactly 5 days away from Call to Arms LIVE! Before we get into that, let's get into this Supply Crate update.

Jon is part of a unit stationed stateside that could use a little morale boost, so he reached out to us:

Good evening, our unit is stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. We are an Air Force combat weather unit that supports the Army's 3ID and other aviation units on base (Coast Gaurd, etc..). We recently moved to a new building because our unit has grown exponentially over the past 2 years to support additional operations across the globe. Unfortunatley, the building we were allotted had many problems which we have spent the past 8-10 months trying to remedy. The building has sucked up lots of sweat and blood over that time but we are all proud what we have accomplished to make it "our own". We are very, very close to finishing a little "heritage" room that will provide my guys a place to kick back and relax when needed. We joked about getting a PS or Xbox in there but it just hasn't happened. I'd love to surprise them with something like this just bring a welcomed change of pace. We all deploy late spring next year so the spin up training schedule is intense but this could be a big dose of good morale before we do so!

Need morale? No problem, we've got our servicemember's backs! We packed up and shipped out a Supply Crate for Jon and his unit to enjoy as they prepare to eventually ship out.

Thanks so much for the donation and please tell Tokki from Twitch that we all say thanks!!
MSgt Jon

Thanks for reaching out, Jon!

Tokki has been a long-time and great supporter of Stack Up. We're glad to have had her join us for events such as Call to Arms LIVE in the past and are ever grateful for her fundraisers.

Which reminds us, Call to Arms LIVE is happening this Friday! Our select streamers will join us in competition to fundraise and find out who will be crowned our champion.

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