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Supply Crate – Jon

We have a touching story to tell you about this supply crate. This request was submitted by a virtuous individual named Dustin, who sent in the application for his brother-in-law, Jon, a vet that has been going through a series of personal struggles.

Jon served as a sergeant in the marines in 1/5 Charlie company in Round Rock, Texas. According to Ross, Jon is living in a very small apartment with very little to his name and would benefit greatly from one of Stack Up’s supply crates.

Our hearts were touched when we learned about Ross’s determination to help his brother-in-law and we are more than ready to help out in his noble quest. Care package incoming!

Jon was surprised when he opened up his package, check out what he said”

Hi Guys! I received my donated video game care package yesterday and I’m not going to lie I was blown away! I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch lately and this beyond made my day. It’s awesome to know that there are people out there doing good things for others, especially veterans. I’m beyond grateful for this and it’s been a while since I’ve had a console so I’m looking forward to knocking the dust off my thumbs and getting back into it!

Your bring the duster and we’ll bring the oil to grease up those rusty gaming hinges! Make sure to thank your brother though since he is the true hero of this story. We are here to help veterans like you in need, but it is Heroes like Ross that can help make it happen.

A special thanks to North Star Digital Studios for sponsoring this crate, you are truly making a difference in this veterans life, thank you. If you would like to be the hero of your own story, then please take the link below and fill out an application for a veteran you know today!

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