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Supply Crate – Eric

Whatever a Supply Crate applicant's reasons are for applying or being nominated, we do our best to fulfill as many as we can. The only difference applications/nominations make in our determining whether someone receives a crate is our urgency to fulfill it.

Today's update is about Eric, a Marine Corps Veteran who has been dealing with PTSD:

I’m a single dad that suffers from PTSD/TBI I try but don’t really leave the house much. This opportunity would help me out tremendously. A lot of my guys that I serve with play video games together, I remember being a big gamer prior to my service, always wanted to get back into gaming but can’t really afford it. This opportunity would allow me to get back into something I once loved with my brothers in once served with.

PTSD is one of the primary reasons we started our programming because gaming is a great way to escape from all those mental demons that tend to cause us to relive some of our worst traumas.

We sent Eric a brand-new PS5:

Thank you guys so much! You guys are awesome! Forever grateful!
Semper Fi,
Eric DeLion

Semper Fi. Get some good gaming in on us!

Army Veteran and Content Creator Moosey sponsored Eric's Supply Crate. Thanks to Moosey and his very patriotic community for helping us support Eric with a new gaming console! Find Moosey on Twitch.

It'd be really cool of you to hit the button below and start a DonorDrive fundraising page. We're hoping to reach our goal of $350k before the Summer is up!

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