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Supply Crate – Daniel

We're keeping today's Supply Crate update short and sweet. Navy Veteran Daniel requested a Supply Crate to help himself cope with his mental health.

One of the things I used to help myself with my PTSD anxiety and depression is to game. Unfortunately a few months ago I lost quite a bit of my property. This has been my outlet to where I don't have to worry about things anymore unfortunately I don't have that. Eventually I'll be able to get video games back but it's not a priority list. I made the ultimate decision to move away from my family and move to Florida and start over.

Sounds like Daniel needed something to boost his morale. So we sent him out a new Xbox Series X console.

I sent the photos into the photo email. I just wanted to say thank you so much this is so awesome.

You're awesome, and you deserve something good, Daniel. We hope you enjoy it!

LongLiveIreland sponsored Daniel's Supply Crate. He seems pretty cool from what we've checked out of him, so if you're looking for a streamer who plays games like Call of Duty, Palworld, and more, check him out on his Twitter channel.

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