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Supply Crate – Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

It's time for another Supply Crate update. This is yet another one from a crate we sent out to help the folks over at the Fisher House Foundation as they provide families with a place to stay while their beloved Veterans and Active service members undergo medical treatment. Today's crate went out to Fort Hood at the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center.

This Supply crate is being shipped to the Fort Hood Army Fisher House at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center. Stack Up was contacted by a Fisher House representative a month or two prior to this shipment as they were looking for more ways to support the folks coming through their facility. This Supply Crate will benefit active duty and veteran families for years to come. - Dave (Stack Up Program Director)

Each time we've received a Fisher House Supply Crate update, it's come with a little more to show the results of our efforts. It's been a pleasure to work with the Fisher House Foundation, as each update proves the good gaming can do. The folks running the Fisher House in Fort Hood sent us the following note:

Here are some photos of our Stack Up Supply Crate delivery. There was some unexpected medical news that the family received last week. The patient’s mom shared that it has been a blessing for her son being able to enjoy gaming with his little brother. It helps take his mind off the many stressors associated with his medical circumstances.
Thank you for coordinating for us to receive this amazing gift.

We also received an update from the above service member himself a few weeks ago. He messaged us the following on Facebook:

JonSandman sponsored this Supply Crate. He's sponsored a few other crates. Without him and other sponsors answering the Call to Arms and running fundraisers in our Memorial Day and Veterans Day pushes and also year-round, we couldn't keep impacting Veterans like the above as much as we have.

Want to help us out by starting your own DonorDrive fundraiser? Raise $1000, and you could be sponsoring a Supply Crate too! Sign up here. Not sure about fundraising? We have other opportunities to help. Hit the big red button below to learn how to volunteer with Stack Up.

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