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Supply Crate – Bradley

Today's Supply Crate update came from Army Veteran Brad, who has struggled with his mental health post-service:

My name is Brad and I was an 11B in the army. After serving I went into a deep dark depression. I’ve been using multiple meds over years and reaching out to battles. I played video games prior. I lost touch with my friends and recently reconnected. I help at an organization called Hero Hunt inc who helps disabled police, fire and military. At our events i coordinate efforts with local organizations to put on a good time. This leave little time for myself. I would enjoy being able to disconnect from the world and play video games with my brothers in arms and eventually host gaming events with Hero hunt. Thank you for the opportunity to apply.

Sometimes getting out of the Military can be enough to fall into some mental health struggles as civilian life is often a tough adjustment post-service. It takes a lot of work to make one's way out of a depression, and having community support, whether that's friends, family, or an organization, can really help.

Hero Hunt Inc. is an organization that brings disabled Veterans and first responders together for hunting expeditions. Like our organization, their goal is to bring Veterans together through shared activities and experiences.

I’ll send more pics shortly. But I wanted to send the initial picture and a HUGE THANK YOU

If this was the early Nintendo days, we could've sent Brad Duck Hunt.

MercyScuba sponsored Brad's Supply Crate. Mercy has been a longtime supporter, and we thank him for his support. Check him out on his Twitch channel.

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