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Supply Crate – Bobbie

Today's Supply Crate update comes from recipient Bobbie whose spouse requested a console and games for her to enjoy. As Eric told us about Bobbie in the request:

My name is Eric and I applying for my wife Bobbie I believe this crate would benefit her beyond belief she loves playing video games and is often a way for her to get away when things too stressful or her ptd flairs up. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have a gaming system so she has to go to her phone to do this and she deserves so much more we had a ps4 but unfortunate accident happen and we no longer have it and at the moment can’t afford to get a new one. My wife is one of the most generous loving person I know volunteers for sober living facility and sure could use the break this great program is giving people thank you for your time

An Air Force Veteran and a volunteer? We must support. We sent out a brand new Xbox Series S to Bobbie, and she got back to us with a short but sweet reply:

Thank you for all the wonderful stuff!!!!!! I’m so grateful for it all!!!!!! Please see attached for a photo!

Thank you to Eric for letting us know about Bobbie and requesting a crate for her. If you are the spouse of an Active Duty Service Member or Veteran and want to get your special someone a gaming console, don't hesitate to apply for a Supply Crate.

Stack Up community member, Game Lead, and starting out streamer, Puzzle sponsored this Supply Crate. Please give them a follow!

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Have a great day, everyone, and think about pressing the big red button below for more about aiding Stack Up.

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