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Supply Crate – Anthony & First Nation Group

Today's Supply Crate update comes from Tony, an Army Veteran who has been dealing with PTSD and suicidal thoughts. Like many of the Veterans who come to us seeking support, Tony wanted a gaming console to help him stay connected & find an escape during his dark days, as he told us in his request:

This is for myself. I am a combat veteran dealing with PTSD and Suicide attempts. I am currently medicated and treated through the VA with a 75% rating. How would an Xbox system help me? It would allow me to game with and help connect to my grandson that lives five hours away. He keeps me motivated and is an inspiration on my dark days.

Sometimes it helps to find a reason to stay alive, and at Stack Up, we're happy to help keep Veterans and Active Duty service members connected through gaming with the people who bring light to their life.

This Supply Crate is a little different than our usual as it was sponsored in partnership with First Nation Group, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business that understands the importance of our mission of preventing Veteran suicides through gaming. When they talked to Dave about donating to sponsor some of our Supply Crates, he was pretty excited, especially as First Nation Group is headquartered in Florida and Veteran-owned.

We put together a supply crate with an Xbox console, games, and accessories for Tony with their support. Tony received his crate and sent us the following reply:

The crate has arrived! Thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough.
Tony M.

Game on, Tony. The biggest thanks any Supply Crate recipient can give us is to have fun and keep going.

As mentioned earlier, this Supply Crate was powered by First Nation Group, a company dedicated to providing "remote respiratory care setup solutions" and other medical equipment for patients, particularly Veterans and Active Duty Military. While First Nation Group is a for-profit company, they believe in returning great service and value to nonprofits dedicated to Active Military service members and Veterans such as Stack Up. It was great getting to work with these folks to provide Veterans such as Anthony with a gaming care package.

Learn more about getting involved with Stack Up by clicking the button below and checking out our How to Help page.

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