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Supply Crate – Andrew

Hey! It's time for another Supply Crate update. This time we have an update from Andrew, a Navy Sailor who is stationed on a remote island. We've redacted the name of the island for OPSEC purposes, but here's his request:

We are stationed on a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With no resources around us, a little entertainment for my command would be great for moral. Being isolated on such a secluded island can be very mentally challenging so this supply crate would be a wonderful distraction.

We receive plenty of requests from our troops deployed in places with limited resources, and it's always great to have a chance to help them out by sending some joy in the form of video games and consoles.

Thank you and everyone involved!

No problem! If you know of anyone else who happens to be deployed at or deploying to a remote base, let them know about us, Andrew! Let's help as many deployed troops as we can.

Today's Supply Crate was sponsored by Cleamie, who can be found on her Twitch page here. Thanks so much to her and her community! Hit the button below if you're ready to take a shot at sponsoring a Supply Crate or 3 of your own!

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