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super gunworld 2 coming soon to playstation

In a world where seeds can grow, and sprout guns from their branches, it is a sure bet that this world needs the firepower from firearms. From m07 Games comes the sequel to a game that “no one knows about and no one cared about”. However, it is arriving anyway. Coming soon to the PlayStation 4 is the world of Super GunWorld 2.

Super GunWorld 2 takes place in the land of Gun World, a place where guns are everything. It is a land so highly rich, evolved, and biologically complex that guns come from planted seeds. Nothing else matters in GnWorld. No food, water, farming, or any other function. Just the cold, raw attributes of guns and bullets. Gunworld has been at peace until a dreaded intergalactic group descends from the skies.

Super GunWorld 2

The group, the Exaction Faction, have come to capture President Eagle from Gunworld. Using your skills in gun farming, platforming, and firearms, you will hunt down each member of the group and save President Eagle. In addition to these evil soldiers, you will fight monsters and other enemies. Enemies drop gun seeds, and each seed you collect will yield to a new firearm to wield.

Look for Super Gunworld 2 from m07 games to arrive soon to the PlayStation 4.

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