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Super Cloudbuilt – Releasing July 25th for Steam, PS4, and Xbox One

Coil Work and Double Eleven Studios have announced that Super Cloudbuilt will be arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday, July 25th. The announcement comes after many showings at big conventions, such as PAX EAST 2017, and is accompanied by a new trailer, which showcases the game’s setting and mechanics.

Super Cloudbuilt takes place within the dreams of a young female soldier, named Demi.  Having fought and suffered a grave injury on the battlefield, Demi awakens from her coma, disconnected from the physical world around her. Parts of her body have been replaced with biomechanical cybernetic augmentations, giving her great capabilities over the standard soldier, but giving her an alien sensation to her own body.

Super Cloudbuilt

She finds herself torn between her cybernetic attachments and her biological human self. In this realm, there are levels set out before her. Using her unparalleled speed, parkour ability, and firepower, she will need to navigate these levels. With each level completed, she will piece together her past and discover a future set before her.  The game will feature multiple platforms to jetpack and parkour across while giving players a solid amount of firepower to take down armed foes.

Stack-Up had the opportunity to play this title at PAX EAST 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, which took place this past March.  To check out the hands-on preview, please click here. Look for the game to drop on Tuesday, July 25th.

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