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Sudden Strike 4 – Coming Soon to Xbox One

Sudden Strike 4

You are in the fight of your life! German tanks erupt from the trees. Armored panzers and Nazi troops are pinning you down. Machine gun fire and the violent sounds of artillery shatter the peace of the snow around you. Reinforcements are far away. 

It is World War II and you are at the very forefront of battle. 

There is no retreat and there is no surrender. You must defeat an enemy that is well-trained and battle-hardened, fighting desperately to defend their homeland. The only way to achieve victory is to use your grits, skill, and most importantly, your head. This is Sudden Strike 4. 

After making a dynamic debut on Steam and PlayStation 4, New Jersey-based Kalypso Media is releasing a physical form of the game for Xbox One, called  Sudden Strike: European Battlefields Edition.

Sudden Strike 4 is a realistic, real-time military strategy game, with diligently recreated battlefields, plucked from the history books. As the Commander, players are on the frontlines of some of the most intense battles of World War II and will lead a variety of Russian, British, American, and other allied forces. From the French countryside to The Battle of The Bulge, players will come across a constantly changing dynamic throughout the campaign. 

Spanning 31 completely different missions in five theaters of operation, players will fight through the woods, the mud, the hills, the snow, and even storm the beaches. From The Battle of Kursk to the storming of Normandy Beach, expect to have your tactical skills tested as each battle brings an entirely new challenge for players.

From soldiers to tanks to even ships and aircraft, players will in command of some of the most powerful war machines ever constructed. What matters most is your skill as a leader, and Sudden Strike 4 will test your limits. For years, the Germans have occupied territory, from the beaches of Normandy France to the frozen fields of Soviet Russia. 

In your crusade to liberate Europe, this enemy will be determined to fight for every foot of their homeland. Unlike other RTS games, Players will need to maximize what has been given to them. There are no replenishing reinforcements. Expect the enemy to aggressively attack you with everything they have.  

For Xbox owners, the European Battlefield Edition will come with a plethora of new features. The game will come complete with all patches and add-on DLC included. This includes The Road to Dunkirk, which portrays the infamous battle of Dunkirk France to which was the basis of Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster film, Dunkirk. Additionally, players the Finland-Winter Storm pack will feature players battling through the frozen Tundra of Finland. Finally, Xbox owners will have access to 3 exclusive maps for free battling.

Sudden Strike 4: European Battlefields Edition will launch soon exclusively for Xbox One.

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