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Stream Team Spotlight: WrathofWall

We’ve talked about how streaming is an activity that can both be for anyone to pick up and do as well as the fact that it is an open-ended activity. While there are certain foundations that streamers work on for setup purposes behind the scenes, when we come down to it, the overall experience varies. Life generally comes first. I’m no stranger to that, and for the most part, I’m sure many of us can agree that life begs to be lived.

WrathofWall, another streamer part of the Stack Up Stream Team family, told us, “Right now, my schedule varies because I got a promotion at work, so I try to stream when I can. As for now, I stream on the Stack Up channel Saturday mornings, and then on my channel Saturday evenings,” Wrath paused, then added, “Otherwise, I’m on throughout the week during early afternoons when I can.”

Wrath’s promotion is certainly something to celebrate. Go Wrath! Way to be! Even though streaming is set aside to being a Saturday-only activity, hers is still well taken care of.

Her starting screen shows her supporters where else they can find her at a glance while Wrath gets ready to settle in. The artwork itself keeps the viewer engaged, which is a nice touch, and her mission sits at the bottom, ready to seize the day or stream.

Once again, vods have come to my aid prior to getting to sit down and lurk. During these projects, I prefer lurking as it gives me time to see the natural chemistry between a streamer’s supporters and themselves before I jump in and stir things up. I will say Wrath’s recordings ease the viewer into the stream from the starting screen, then proceeds into a screen for just chatting where she takes time to catch up with her viewers and then slides into whichever game she decides to play.

What I have taken away from watching WrathofWall is that she is a variety streamer, taking on anything from FPS to survival to random open-world games. “I can’t say I have a favorite game…” she says, “But I like a lot of games.” On that note, Wrath added, “I use PC and prefer it because if something goes wrong, I can fix it on the PC asap. I do play some console games, but it’s a weird setup.”

There’s a lot to be said about that. As a part of the audience and my experiences with streamers in my family and among friends, I can assure anyone that isn’t in the game the way streamers are that the setup behind the scenes is unreal. The amount of work that it takes to get one of these channels up and running is one thing, but to switch between console and PC is a whole different game altogether. With that being said, Wrath tells us, “I found Twitch in 2017. There were two streamers I followed that were talking about the process, and they were encouraging. So when I started, I did a lot of research, made friends, and things were awesome,” she reminisced. “It would be nice to shout out to everyone that’s helped me on my journey, but honestly, there are too many to count. I’ve made so many friends with other streamers I don’t want to just shout out a couple.”

“I will say to new streamers, though, that it’s a lot. Don’t go into streaming half-assed. It is work. It is dedication. Make sure it is something you actually want to do.”

“I work a lot and try my best to stream,” she added. “I really enjoy streaming. It’s my space to goof around a lot. Random thoughts pop in my mind, and I say them aloud. It’s fun. My mods give me a hard time sometimes, but it’s welcome; we’re good. I enjoy all the online friends I have made, and some of them have turned into real-life friends.”

During the five years that this has been a project in Wrath’s life, the positivity in gaming with friends remains. Within her experiences, she tells us, “I am honest about things. As far as I know, I don’t bring drama to my stream. I take care of it and don’t let it interfere with giving the audience positivity and laughter.” All of which is encouraging to a viewer like me; what’s more is that even though her stream schedule is shortened due to being on call with her new position, Wrath’s Saturday mornings are incredibly uplifting too.

Truthfully, Wrath’s stream is the only one I’ve seen team streaming on aside from a podcast. It’s wild and wonderful that she is able to connect with others around the world to put out a look into being there for Stack Up. These party streams inspire so much laughter. They’re genuine and wonderful and need to be shared.

WrathofWall’s streams are considered for mature audiences based on the games she plays. Regardless, she’s worth the time sitting in on. Her laughter and presents brighten my day. I’m so glad to know that she took the time to get involved in this, and will be on the lookout for when she does happen to have time to settle in and hit that live button again.

To support WrathofWar, please check her out on Twitch and follow her on Instagram, and Twitter.

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