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Steredenn: Binary Stars – Review

Steredenn: Binary Stars

A massive armada is heading to Earth. The defense fleet has been completely destroyed. Only you and a handful of fighters managed to escape. The only way to save your planet is to fasten your seatbelt, lock-on and go get some. This is Steredenn: Binary Stars, a wild and aggressive spaceship shooter by PixelNest studio, and available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Steredenn: Binary Stars is a spaceship shooter, a genre of game that has seen plenty of times, but, like a bolt of lightning, Steredenn: Binary Stars comes at players with shock and fierceness, making for an engaging gameplay experience.

Steredenn: Binary Stars tasks players with piloting their sole interceptor fighter against a vicious pirate armada. The Armada is daunting, terrifying, and vast. These pirates are bringing the heaviest and deadliest galactic firepower known to mankind. From buzzsaw ships to shielded enemies and torpedo-launching gunships, these pirates are ferociously determined to bring an end to the Earth. Only you and a small handful of interceptors are what is left of a devastating surprise attack on the Earth-based fleet. With the enemy this close, there is no other option to directly engage and destroy the threat.

Steredenn: Binary Stars features a sharp visual presentation, evoking the thick pixelation of 16-bit games, such as space ship shooter on the SNES and Genesis. The graphics feature a nice array of detail and color, along with strong particle effects and special animations. While the game takes place in space, the environment looks sharp as well and are certainly reminiscent of the classic gaming days of the early 1990s. At the heart of every spaceship shooter is its gameplay, and Steredenn delivers on that front, bringing an experience that will keep players coming back for more.

Steredenn: Binary Stars incorporates roguelike and procedural generation elements to a tried-and-true gameplay formula. Spaceship shooters involve shooting waves upon waves of enemies and staying alive. In Steredenn, the enemy encounters, and their formations, change with each run. The bosses also change in variations with each run of Steredenn. This will keep players on their toes, and encourage them to study their enemies and their behaviors.

The boss, in particular, will require a number of playthroughs to outsmart and defeat. They aren’t impossible, but after going through hordes of regular enemies, these bosses can put up a fight, and live the players surviving with only a dangling thread of health left. Fortunately, at the end of each boss, your health if replenished, and players may acquire a certain new attribute to add to their ship. A new weapon increased health, and more damage for certain are just some of the choices that can be made. However, these choices can be advantages or disadvantages, making each choice incredibly important.

Steredenn: Binary Stars is fierce and unapologetic, but its constant sense of challenge kept me wanting to come back to it. Chances are many players will fall shortly before even reaching the 2nd or third boss, but the gameplay is sharp and engaging. Every single enemy slain is a small victory, but each boss taken down is not just a mammoth relief, but a boisterous demonstration of skill. Steredenn: Binary Stars is a constant challenge to the players to grow and enhance their skills. The game keeps players hooked into playing more and more, a telling sign of great game design. The gameplay is further compounded by a head-thrashing metal soundtrack from Zander Noriega, which will keep players charged and energized throughout their mission

Late last year, Pixel Nest released the ” Binary Stars” update, which added a bevy of extra content, including new gameplay features and gameplay modes. In addition to the regular game, and Daily Run modes, a boss rush mode and arena mode were added, along with the ability to play the entire game in co-op. Additionally, new ships and special weapons can be unlocked. These cooldown weapons can give an advantage for players in difficult situations. The enhancements don’t make Steredenn: Binary Stars tremendously easier, but it does give more agency and spacing for the player to engage the enemy.

Steredenn: Binary Stars is tough, challenging, and many may want to quit after a while, but its sharp gameplay, accompanied by a charged presentation, will keep players coming back for more. With the few numbers of spaceship shooter available on the consoles today, seeing Steredenn: Binary Stars is a welcome sight, and I hope it will pave the way for more spaceship shooters to arrive in the future.

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