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Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax – Review

It is impossible not to like giant robots in epic space battles. When you are in a giant, hulking robot with devastating weapons, fighting an impossibly large army across space, you cannot help but become euphoric in the excitement. Culturally, giant robots have been incredibly popular amongst fandoms, from MEGAS XLR to Gundam Wing to Pacific Rim to From Software’s legendary Armored Core franchise.

Each entry in the genre has had a different take on how giant robots operate and fight. Entering the mech arena is Finland-based Dreamloop Games and their special game, Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax, a game that takes strong anime inspirations, as well as classic arcade mechanics and combines them into an incredibly engaging gameplay experience.

Stardust Galaxy Warriors puts players in the role of the new formed Special Galaxy Police Force in the year 2087. As a member, you are in charge of piloting the latest weapons systems and combat gear, all contained within one of several mechs. When a new threat is discovered, you are called upon to hop into your mech and wage battle across the cosmos.

Stardust Galaxy warriors allow 1- 4players in couch co-op across 10 chapters. Each chapter has three stages, and contain a checkpoint system. Players will pilot one of several completely different mechs, each with their own offensive and defensive weapons, as well as a special weapons ability.

Players will yield a large assortment of ranged weapons from chainguns to rocket launchers. Additionally, they will have the ability to fight in close range with their blades, and use unique support skills, such as marking targets. All of these weapons are upgradeable upon the end of the stage.  After making their selection, and a brief tutorial, players set out on their missions to save the galaxy.

Stardust Galaxy Warriors looks great, feels great, and ultimately, plays in a stellar fashion. The game feels like an experience pulled straight from late 80’s and early 90’s Japanese space anime, such as Robotech and Gundam Wing. In each stage, hundreds of enemies come forward, each one diverse and unique, requiring a very specific strategy. Among the enemies, players will fight mechanical robot fighters, grotesque monsters, and weird automated defense systems. At the end of each stage is a massive boss to contend with. Some chapters also include minibosses as well. The bosses are no pushover, requiring repeat gameplay, swift reflexes, and unerring accuracy to successfully defeat.

Players will need to combine the very best of their abilities to conquer the enemies in front of them. Using ranged weapons alone won’t do the job, and players will need to rely on each other’s skills. For example, flying close to the enemy and using melee is an efficient but very risky choice. When players build their charge gauge, they can unleash a special ability. For the mech I frequently used, the Blue Falcon, my mech unleashed a large swarm of highly-explosive homing missions. Other mechs can unleash different special abilities, such as shields and high-powered laser cannons.

Another great attribute of Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is its presentation. The game has good-looking graphics and illustrations of the characters, as well as nicely designed environments. The game even has a sense of humor with some of the events that occur. However, it is the soundtrack that ultimately wins the day, as it combines the epic themes of an epic Saturday Morning cartoon with the classic sounds you’d commonly here in video games. The composer, Mathias Lehthorn, really embraces the enthusiasm of combat and space battles, as well as the frantic chaos and challenge. My personal favorite track is Alien Hive, as it highlights the frantic combat and epic scale of Stardust Galaxy Warriors.

The real drawback I have with Stardust Galaxy Warriors is the lack of online co-op. The game has local couch co-op, which works great with others. However, the online co-op is not featured. While expensive, it would have potentially added more players to engage in the game, especially those that don’t have anyone that can play locally. However, the game can be played just fine in single-player mode. There is a bevy of game modes to play, such as special missions and a gauntlet mode. While fun in single-player, the gameplay shines in multiplayer. If you pick up Stardust Galaxy Warriors, definitely encourage your neighbors to come over and play.

Stardust Galaxy Warriors is a blast to play, from its engaging battles to its mech-focused gameplay with a host of tactical options. Players will have a good time solo, but a great time with friends. Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax highlights the fact that there is an epic mech-pilot in all of us, and it feels great to spread plasma cannons and laser fire across all of space. Grab some friends and embrace your inner galaxy warrior.

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