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star wars battlefront unveils beta feedback in time for launch

Star Wars: Battlefront

If you’re reading this, you probably played the Star Wars: Battlefront beta. Some loved it, but many were rather unimpressed by some rather imbalanced aspects of the game. Thus, may be pleased to know that DICE has taken much of that feedback into consideration, and has released much of that info in time for the game’s launch on November 17th.

A big part of the appeal carried by Star Wars: Battlefront lies within its ability to immerse you in the world of Star Wars. That said, constantly losing as the Rebel Alliance versus the Imperials on Hoth isn’t fun at all, so AT-STs and AT-ATs have been given some vulnerable points of attack to make the Rebel’s job playing keep-away a bit more doable. There’s a plethora of other changes, such as projectile drop on the Cycler Rifle (thank goodness), how heroes like Luke Skywalker take damage, and a much-needed change to the “partner system”.

You can read up on the rest of the changes below.

Source: Star Wars EA

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