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star trek online developer walk through look at console versions


Home gaming consoles…the final frontier for Star Trek Online. I spoke recently about my experiences with the console version of Star Trek Online after my hands-on time with the game at E3 this year. I really enjoyed the more action-oriented changes that facilitate controller play, even if it does simplify some of the experience.

Now you can hear and see first hand some of the changes that have gone into Star Trek Online as it makes the transition from the PC to the T.V. right from the developers at Cryptic with the Official Developer Walkthrough.

It is definitely worth the watch for fans of STO excited about the console release or for those still on the fence wanting more information. The video does a great job of explaining all the new control changes and additions as well as going into detail on the graphical overhaul the PS4 and XBox One versions will receive. It also explains the reasoning behind some of these changes and additions.

I for one always welcome when game makers take the time to explain to their audience the method behind the madness as it were. This video is no exception with some amazing insight into a unique process such as this.


With over 130 featured episodes and two full expansions under its belt Star Trek fans wanting to get some space saga action on the home box of choice should be excited about this impending release.

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