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This Monday, Natick’s Microsoft store held a Day of Service to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The event was designed to help promote nonprofits in the community, so Tanner Hastings and Ben Irr donned their red shirts and represented The Stacks and the Boston Stack. With pamphlets, candy, and swag galore, Ben and Tanner showed participants and passersby what Stack Up’s all about!

The Stacks

There were steady waves of interest throughout the event, both for Stack-Up and for the other nonprofits present. Among the local nonprofits present were groups like Easter Seals and Metrowest’s Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter. These groups and others are dedicated to assisting the disabled, low-income children, and the LGBT community.

Apart from the stands for each organization, the Microsoft store held activities to raise support for The Painted Turtle, a nonprofit providing adventure programs for chronically-ill children confined to hospitals. Kids were encouraged to design their own masks and hand puppets, which would be given to one of the children in need.

The Stacks

Perhaps the most important connection Stack-Up made during the event was the Metrowest Nonprofit Network, which has shown a keen interest in getting involved to help spread word of the Boston Stacks among its partners. With any luck, this partnership could help the Boston Stack reach even more potential members!

The Boston Stack would like to make a very special thank you to Natick’s Microsoft store; these wonderful people not only help us with so many of our events, but they go out of their way to help other nonprofits as well!

If you wish to know more about The Stacks and how you can Stack Up in your town, hit the link HERE! If you are in the Boston area and wish to participate in events like this and more contact them HERE.

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