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stacking up at the uss midway

This weekend we formed an impromptu San Diego Stack and got out for some fun in the sun around the bay. First up was a trip to the USS Midway an aircraft carrier and a museum!


The visit to the USS Midway was an emotional trip filled with patriotic pride and reverence not only for the ship herself but also for the sailors that made the ship home over the decades, some of whom we got to meet during our tour of the vessel.



The enormity of the vessel is truly felt when standing on the flight deck surrounded by the finest aircraft man has ever built. The Navy aviators who once flew these machines now volunteer some of their time to tell others about their story and are very eager and willing to explain every bolt and answer any questions.

The love these sailors and aviators have for their former home is truly amazing, it is a part of them. It is something I have seen dramatized in fiction but it takes on a magical quality when you experience it first hand.

As we left the Midway I knew that for me it was a once in a lifetime experience and one I was glad I took the time to see. It is truly humbling to experience even a fraction of what life was like on board the Midway.



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