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stacking up at the uss midway

This weekend we formed an impromptu San Diego Stack and got out for some fun in the sun around the bay. First up was a trip to the USS Midway an aircraft carrier and a museum!

An aircraft carrier is one of today’s modern marvels, a gigantic city on the sea. The massiveness of the vessels are a thing to behold and something that when seen in person is truly humbling. That this massive structure of steel and iron could float almost boggles the mind.The feeling of awe when the USS Midway came into sight was overwhelming.

The visit to the USS Midway was an emotional trip filled with patriotic pride and reverence not only for the ship herself but also for the sailors that made the ship home over the decades, some of whom we got to meet during our tour of the vessel.

Though today she sits anchored and functions as a museum vessel, for over 47 years she prowled the oceans of the world protecting our freedoms and bringing peace wherever she could. During her time, the USS Midway saw action in the Vietnam War and served as the Persian Gulf flagship in 1991’s Operation Desert Storm.

The tour of the Midway allows you into the very depths of the ship as you crawl through the engine rooms and crew quarters and even the brig. It also rises to heights as you make your way up the island and into the control tower and on to the bridge.

The enormity of the vessel is truly felt when standing on the flight deck surrounded by the finest aircraft man has ever built. The Navy aviators who once flew these machines now volunteer some of their time to tell others about their story and are very eager and willing to explain every bolt and answer any questions.

The love these sailors and aviators have for their former home is truly amazing, it is a part of them. It is something I have seen dramatized in fiction but it takes on a magical quality when you experience it first hand.

As we left the Midway I knew that for me it was a once in a lifetime experience and one I was glad I took the time to see. It is truly humbling to experience even a fraction of what life was like on board the Midway.

Then we scooted on over to San Diegos Old Town for a bit to eat and to meet up with Soulibon whom some of you may know from the Flashbang! After getting some amazing food we walked around a bit and just took in each others company.

It is always an amazing experience meeting someone you know so well from your online time together. Finally putting that three dimensional face with the voice makes it all the more “real”. It was a fantastic day in San Diego and an amazing way to Stack Up.

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