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splatoon one year


Splatoon, the splash-hit surprise of 2015, came out on May 28th. This makes today the one-year anniversary of the stylish shooter hitting Wii Us across the world. With over 4 million copies sold, it’s one of the Wii U’s best selling games, up with the likes of Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Super Mario. The official Splatoon Twitter tweeted this image this morning, recognizing the year that it’s been since the game came out.

Splatoon did well based on its creativity, originality, and a beautiful use of color that permeated every inch of the game. The post-launch support the game would receive made sure that the game wasn’t purely style over substance. It’s still getting support in the form of free maps, weapons, accessories, and the Splatfest events. People could jump in at any time of the year and not feel like there’s a huge money barrier separating the cream of the crop from the newbies.

While there’s no sign of a sequel on the way, it would be foolish for Nintendo not to capitalize on their successes and try their hand at the squid shooting genre again with the Nintendo NX, whatever shape or form that takes. Don’t expect Splatoon to go away any time soon, this runaway success is here to stay. They’ve even got more amiibo on the way, further draining my wallet dry.

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