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space overlords lay waste to civilizations in early december

Excalibur Games, and developer 12 HIT! Combo, are bringing forth a game of galactic conquest, civilization building, and utter destruction in the form of their newest game, Space Overlords. Coming from the house that gave us the amazing Laser Disco Defenders, Space Overlords finds players building massive worlds, constructing civilizations, then working to completely and utterly destroy those civilizations.

Inspired by Sony and Media Molecule’s Littlebig Planet series, Space Overlords is a community-driven game, where players will be able to create their own world and share them amongst the users of the PlayStation Network. This makes for a nearly endless assortment of planets to conquer. Once a world has been selected, players will be able to select one of the several towering beings, known as Overlords.

Considered supreme beings, forged in the darkness of outer space, Overlords contain immense power and destruction.  From there, players are free to roam about the planet, attacking weapons platforms and obliterating entire cities. The goal is to completely destroy the planet, then move onto the next one.


Space Overlords will be synchronized with all three of Sony’s gaming platforms. Progress will be uploaded and saved across the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, making for a versatile experience, as well as establishing a large user base for all players to utilize.

Space Overlords has been out for a while on Steam. It is the ambitions of the developer to make the game known across various gaming platforms to expand their IP. The team hails from Colombia and seeks to make a positive impact on the gaming arena.

Look for the release of Space Overlords on Sony’s platforms in December.

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