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Solitairica blends three things you didn’t know you wanted together – roguelike-esque progression, RPG mechanics, and solitaire – in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and fun.

Set in the land of Myriodd, there’s a loose, chivalrous tale about the hearts of Myriodd’s citizens have been stolen by Emperor Stuck, the main antagonizing force behind Solitairica. The game weaves spells, items, and artifacts into the traditional Solitaire shell for a unique spin on a classic. Enemies will take turns as you play your normal game of Solitaire. Color-coded for emphasis on certain attributes (defense, willpower), you build up these defenses to keep the nefarious Emperor Stuck on his toes.

The colors add to a pleasant, distinct visual style that permeates through the entire game. It works well on mobile and really stands out in its simplicity.

A huge facet of the game’s development is that it’s a premium experience. On mobile, it’s $3.99. On PC and Mac, it’s $11.99. The game has been described as working in a way that would not facilitate the typical mobile experience, free-to-play. Reception has been strong on this premium experience, and if you’ve been paying attention to mobile news, premium experiences are going to start popping up in the advent of Super Mario Run in the foreseeable future. Solitairica is available now.

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