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SOEDESCO announces Truck Driver Release Date

The countries of the world have been built on the backs of trucks, and America is no exception to this fact. Some could say that truck driving is a family rite of passage, and when your uncle gives you his, it is your turn to set out on the open road. From SOEDESCO comes Truck Driver, an open-world truck driving game that puts players in the seat of a big rig on a quest to help their local community and earn the respect of the people around them. Truck Driver will be far more than just delivering supplies, but more importantly, a tale of hard work and the respect that comes with it. Following a long road of development, from its initial announcement to closed-beta test, Truck Driver has been completely redesigned and is ready to hit the road this Fall.

Truck Driver is an open-world trucking driving adventure game, where players will haul various goods and cargo for people within different communities. Logs, oils, water, the community relies on the truck driver to stay alive. Players will embark across a large, seamless open world discovering wondrous landscapes and locations as they trek across the land through the open road. Players are able to customize and fine-tune their truck with various performance and visual options.

SOEDESCO has taken then time to become finely tuned thanks to the developers who took into account the input from the community. In order to further the realistic feeling of hauling around large trees and other materials, the developers also released Steering Wheels for persons playing on any platform.

Truck Driver arrived on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Steam last year and is available in the respective stores for $39.99 and a deluxe edition for $44.99 which includes 5 exclusive avatars and 3 exclusive themes.

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