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soda drinker pro psychedelic experience

Turning insanity into something playable is a feat in itself, but to manage that in a game that has no sense of direction or guidance is pretty rad. I am an honest person so will say I was extremely skeptical and worried for my sanity when I saw the preview for Soda Drinker Pro; and when I played the first level.


Now, I don’t know if I fully understand the concepts behind the idea of the game and the music and art. However, I will say that it is something of its own. All the levels I worked my way through were simply walking around drinking a soda and, if you feel so inclined, picking up the bonus sodas.

There is a hidden gem of another oddly intriguing game hidden in level two when you enter the house. It brings you to the game Vivian Clark. Vivian Clark seems to have a storyline and objectives. If you walk to the right as soon as you enter, a figure asks you to collect some items to help it. If you go to the left when you enter, it brings you to a storekeeper that can sell you wood to keep your fire running, clocks to do challenges without burning time, some sort of soda straw to help continue your save point, OR the item I still need to purchase; something that is supposed to make the game a little more clear. I could best describe Vivian Clark as a stream of mini-games with no sort of direction ,but you start to get an idea of what’s going on right before you crash or die and have to start over. However, when you start over there is no set rule that says you’ll be playing the same game! That reason in itself makes the game fun to play and brings me back on occasion.


To finish this off; I’d say this review, or any other, can give you no idea as to how you will experience Soda Drinker Pro. So I suggest if it sounds weird, interesting, or fun to you, go pick it up and check it out.

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