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Sleep Tight – Fight The Monsters In Your Closet

When you were a child, you like many, probably feared to sleep alone in your room. There was a dark closet in your room and the dark space beneath your bed. Your parents were in the other room, but as a kid, it felt like miles away.

There was always the fear that something was watching you. Something was observing you. That behind that closet door or underneath that bed, a dark dangerous creature was lurking to grab you. Fortunately, as you got older, you realized that such creatures were imaginary.

However, what if they weren’t? What if there were monsters attempting to invade your home? From the independent studio, We Are Fuzzy, comes Sleep Tight, a game where kids become full-fledged soldiers defending their bedroom from vicious monsters.

Sleep Tight is an isometric, family-focused twin-stick shooting action game that looks and feels as if it were pulled straight from the offices of Pixar Animation Studios. Monsters are attempting to terrify a group of kids in the dead of night, and it’s up to you and several other players to fight back.

Players will build their very own pillow fort, just like the ones they built when they were kids. Pillows and furniture will be essential for protection, but the best kind of defense lies in a great offense. Players can place automated defense turrets within the forest that will show a room in nerf darts.

Of course, players will also have to fend for themselves by utilizing every single action-based kids toy imaginable. This includes water soakers, dart guns, foam launches, and much more. Using these two combat styles will be the key to surviving the monstrous hordes pouring into your bedroom.

Sleep Tight will be heading to the Nintendo Switch and Steam in the second quarter of 2018

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