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siegecraft commander prepare your forces

Medieval war is full of battles whose stories last throughout the ages. The clashing of armor, steel, bone, and sinew, all make for a great spectacle, where those with the strongest will and the finest of skill survive history’s largest bloodbaths. Away from the carnage of these great battles were intellectual minds focusing on games of strategy and movement, using deception, strength, and wise troop placement.

Their campaigns have gone through history, and eventually, into our imaginations. Chances are, as a young child, you played with LEGO knights or toy horses, imitating a massive battle. For those that remembers the grand, colorful, and glorious spectacle, Blowfish Games Studios brings players Siegecraft Commander.

Siegecraft Commander

Siegecraft Commander takes those childhood imaginations and brings them to life, putting players into a massive action and strategy game that puts players right into the action, and gives them the choice of using two different gameplay types on the fly. Players are encouraged to craft and build an entire web of defenses to best defend their territories and The Keep. The attacker must destroy The Keep, and the defender must protect it.

From this point, players can either participate in Real-time combat or turn-based combat. While both styles are different, players will be encouraged to continuously build their defenses and makes successful strikes against their foes.

Siegecraft Commander

However, just because players build walls does not guarantee complete protection. A well-placed shot from a catapult can have a domino effect and completely take down all the defenses that have been so meticulously built. It is a frantic, fun medieval battle and all players are invited to join.

Look for Siegecraft Commander on January 17th on all major platforms.

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