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Shikhondo: Soul Eater – Bullet Hell SHMUP Announced

Shikhondo: Soul Eater

Life is a matter of balance. A balance of good and a balance of evil. While their lines are oftentimes blurred by the actions of man, it is crucial to the success and future of humanity that his balance is kept in check at all times. When demons erupt from the bowels of hell itself and disrupt that balance, it is up to a pair of brave witches to fight back.

That battle will be waged with endless magic and an endless storm of bullets. This is Shikhondo: Soul Eater, a Korean shoot-’em-up game with lots of bullet hell, set against the backdrop of an ancient land inspired by the mesmerizing tales of Asian mythology.

Players will take off across five blistering stages, which will be loaded with seemingly endless enemies, wielding dark, evil magic.  Players will need to use their skill, reflex, patience, and aggression in order to defeat these wicked creatures.

At the end of each stage, players will fight incredibly difficult bosses that will put your skills and knowledge to the absolute test. The player will need to “graze” bullets to build their Soul Guage and unleash a screen-clearing super attack that will not only slay beasts in moments but also, build the high score. While this all may sound familiar to other shmups, Shikondo’s biggest draw is its world and atmosphere.

Shikhondo: Soul Eater’s entire presentation is directly inspired by Japanese writings and illustrations. Even the enemies and bullet fire are imagined in such a way to give players a sensation that they are in a living, breathing painting, depicting a legendary tale.  The most common theme for SHMUPs is outer space. Whether you are fighting aliens or a futuristic military, most SHMUPs always take place with this theme, primarily due to their fascinating style of giving players the feeling of being an intergalactic space ace on par with Star Wars.

Shikhondo: Soul Eater was previously released on steam, where it received the “Very Positive” rating on steam, which is no small feat for any game on the service.  Shikondo: Soul Eater will feature a multitude of game modes to conquer, including Arcade, Hardcore, Boss Rush, and local-2player co-op, which is a new addition for the game as it makes its way to consoles. Players can fight for online leaderboards and star as one of two characters, each with their own attack pattern. For any trophy or achievement hunters out there, the game will support 1000G achievements, as well as a Platinum Trophy.

Shikondo will be launching this summer for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One this Summer.

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