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Series Review: Ninja Kamui

Platforms: Adult Swim, streamable on Max & Sling, watch with a live TV subscription on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, & YouTube Premium, purchase episodes on Apple TV,

In this Adult Swim exclusive action-packed anime, Joe Higan a former ninja is hoping to stay lowkey out in a rural part of America. Just when it seems all is good Higan gets an unpleasant visit from a group of assassins associated with his former organization who seek revenge for his betrayal.

Ranking 8th on Google's most searched-for anime (as of today), Ninja Kamui does not hold back on showing you why. The story ties back to an old 1964 Kamui manga that follows a ninja named Kamui who was able to escape his organization but once he left was considered a traitor.

For those of you who enjoy anime on a deeper level, this one might not be for you. The story isn't too intricate and is somewhat predictable. Now don't get me wrong there are a few surprises you'll have to see for yourself, but overall pretty simple. BUT if you're anything like me and you enjoy action-packed episodes Ninja Kamui does not disappoint! Right from episode one you're getting fast-paced, well choreographed, fight scenes almost every episode (and with there being 10 episodes of the 12 plotted for the series that says a lot.

Although overall Ninja Kamui is a great show and very entertaining, I do have some dislikes.

I would've loved for there to be more than just 12 episodes. With all the information to take in and the episodes being roughly 22 minutes, I'd like more episodes to ensure the viewer gets ample time to catch all the information. My second bone to pick is although it states Ninja Kamui is available on multiple platforms it was not very user-friendly and I found it difficult to get set up, maybe due to its Adult Swim exclusivity who knows.

All in all, I think this is a great watch for a first-timer getting into anime or even a decent watch for the expert anime fan. No matter if looking for something new or in between your favorite show this one does just enough to get that anime fix. With it being 12 episodes you can easily binge if that's your watch style or save some for later as well. I personally will finish the series out and look forward to another one if Adult Swim continues on with it.

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