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Seraph – Review


The war between heaven and hell has become a war of legend, told for many thousands of years. A universal battle, shattering the realities of time and space, in the ultimate clash between good and evil, light and darkness, justice and evil. The battle has always been prophesized on when or where it will happen, but never certain. In the case of Seraph, that prediction changes. We have been looking at the skies for too long, thinking the end of the world would crash from the heavens. Instead, the end of the world may be coming from deep beneath the sea.

Deep in a subterranean base, at the bottom of the ocean, a lone woman awakens. On the outside, it appears to be an ordinary woman, but that woman has now become a vessel for a powerful being inside of her: An angel. There is a great, devilish evil that has been set afoot within the base, which appears to be a prison. Something sinister occurred here and it’s up tot he player to vanquish all evil, This is Seraph by DreadBit Games, a sidescrolling acrobatic shooter where the player will use divine power and loaded weapons to save humanity.

The story of Seraph is a simple narrative. Players are trapped within what appears to be a fortress, that has been designed for experimental scientific pursuits. Awakening from her cell, the angel, known as Seraph, must make her way to the surface. The fortress has been inhabited by ghostly, demonic creatures, aimed at viciously mauling any being before them, especially Seraph. How and why these demons are here is unknown. What matters is destroying these demons, surviving the dangers, and making their way tot he surface to be liberated.

Seraph is an acrobatic shooter, where the players will be evading and defeating enemies. The angel has inhabited a strong, lean woman, and by combining her divine powers with this vessel, she’ll be able to vanquish any demon before her. However, it will not be easy. The demons and monsters before her are twisted, grotesque, and thirsty for her power. to combat this, players will be equipped with a variety of divine powers and traditional weaponry.

Players will begin with the default twin pistols, which are high caliber and can pack a wallop on basic enemies. However, players will need to upgrade their weapons, and utilize other firearms, such as machine guns, shotguns, and revolvers. As players can jump, soar, and evade, Seraph can use automatic targeting to target the nearest enemy, unloading a barrage of bullets into the target.  Combining these weapons, the vessel’ agility, and divine powers, the Seraph is a force to be reckoned with.

The gameplay for Seraph is sharp, engaging, and aggressive. Players will be dodging enemies and survive ambushes from fierce supernatural threats. The player will go from room to room across massive labyrinths, hunting down and destroying various enemies to make their way to the surface. Drawn to her light, the enemies are ferociously determined attack and eviscerate The Seraph.

Players will find themselves, cornered and overwhelmed, using absolutely every movement imaginable to evade an attack. Oftentimes, players will find themselves surviving on a fringe, with only the smallest slivers of health remaining. Rapid fire and agility are an absolute must to survive, and staying in one place will lead to certain death. Exploration is encouraged as well to uncover new weapons health and points to upgrade weapons and abilities.

Seraph’s gameplay is fast and swift, living up to the acrobatic nature of the game. Moving Seraph through various combat zone is thrilling, and using divine powers, such as energy blasts and dashes, is quite rewarding. in some instance, some enemies will become weakened, and a quick blast of holy energy will see enemies vaporize into dust. Combined with a pumping soundtrack, Seraph becomes a great action arcade experience, perfect for when you need to play a game right away to get that instant gratification.

Seraph has a multitude of levels and difficulties but can become quite competitive. The lack of voicework also keeps the narrative from being more engaging. However, the gameplay, smooth mechanics, and intriguing atmosphere that mixes biblical fantasy and science fiction will keep players engaged. Seraph is a solid action experience, well worthy of your time, especially for the chance of striking down demons with some good, solid lead.

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