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Sentinels – Strategy/FPS Hybrid Launching on Steam February 17th, 2017

You can fight an enemy with good, reliable weapons. But, you cannot truly defeat an enemy without a strong, intelligent strategy. Mindwalker Games recently announced the release date of their highly anticipated game, Sentinels. 

What makes Sentinels unique isn’t just the focus of warfare but the seamless blending of first-person shooting and real-time tower defense strategy.  Long-time gamers would know that combining genres usually makes for average to sub-average gaming experiences,  but Mindwalker Games look to change that with Sentinels.


When the galaxy’s heroes grow bored, the enemy rises again. The heroic protectors, the Sentinels, have been called back into action, and you are the first to head into battle. Sentinels will have players shooting in the first-person, flying their turrets around like an aircraft, destroying enemy units. 

Gunships, tanks, walkers, and enemy troops will do everything in their power to destroy your units and completely decimate your base. However, you are not just a soldier but a tactician. Players can instantly switch to an overhead view, and use the tower-defense mechanics to plan their defense in destroying enemy formations.


Players will have access a large array of cutting-edge weaponry, which will include thunderous cannons, shredding machine guns, and even the mother-of-all space weapons, the orbital laser. Players will be encouraged to be clever with their weapons as well. Using a cannon on a convoy of armored vehicles could send them off the road and crash into a nearby mountainside. Finally, players will be encountering enemy commanders, which will be incredibly difficult enemies to destroy as they contain their own buffs, powerups, and special weapons.

Sentinels will be ready for action on Steam, February 17th, 2017.

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