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rwby grimm eclipse arrives to playstation 4

Fantasy provides the journey of a lifetime. Whether it is delivering a ring to a volcano, receiving a college acceptance letter via an owl, or fighting within the world of Azeroth, there is a breathtaking immersion when embarking into the worlds of fantasy. But for the world of RWBY, a familiar world is turned on its head into something deadly and elegant.

In a world where the monstrosities of the Brothers Grimm roam the planet, you are set to be educated. Not in a college degree or certificate, but in the abilities to become a Huntsman or Huntress to defend the innocents from beings that embrace the dark. Four young women will accept their fates and face this danger, with great courage and sacrifice.

This is the world of the Roosterteeth, developed anime, RWBY. Coming off the massive success of the web-based anime series, RWBY is launching to game consoles in the form of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, an action game set within the visually stunning world of RWBY.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is set within the anime, featuring its own exclusive story. Players will travel to various lands across the world of Remnant as players battle vicious beasts and creatures. As the anime is known for incredible frantic and kinetic action sequence,s players can expect to replicate these fantastic moments in the game. In addition to a long single player campaign, players will have access to new characters and a horde mode, for those that wish to test their strength.

RWBY began as a web-based anime from late animator Monty Oum. Combining elements of fantasy, Brothers Grimm, and even modern technologies, the world of RWBY was created. In the world of Remnant, humanity has survived a long war against monstrosities, such as werewolves and hollow knights, to live in a land of peace.

However, these monstrosities are constantly stirring to fight again and destroy mankind. To fight this dark creature, humans manipulate the power of energy sources, known as Dust. Those who can successfully learn o use Dust become Huntsman or Huntresses. The story of RWBY follows four young women in their quest to become Huntresses. They will face tragedy, conflict, and the darkness that lies within. However, if they stick together, there is no force of evil enough to defeat them.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

RoosterTeeth, a web media company, is known for original content, such as Achievement Hunter and the Red vs. Blue series, picked up RWBY and began airing the show on its site in 2013. The series soon gained a viral sensation, with many fans broadcasting their passion for the franchise at conventions, with fan-made projects and cosplays. The series gained a lot of momentum and has continued ever since.

RWBY is known for its incredible cast of characters and jaw-dropping action sequences. The main character, RWBY, in particular, is armed with a massive scythe, emblazoned in a color formation of red and black. In addition to using wickedly fast speeds and martial arts, the scythe can also transform into a gun on command. One of the first times we see her use this is during one of the first trailers for the show, in which she fight an entire army of werewolves in a cemetery under dark skies. Needless to say, she successfully defeats them all.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is available now on the PlayStation 4.

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