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RunGunJumpGun – The Good Shepard Brings the Game to Switch

The Good Shepard, formerly known as Gambitious Entertainment, is bringing in the goods for 2018. Coming this year will be games, such as Out Reach, Phantom Doctrine, and Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. It is also a big year for the Nintendo Switch, as Nintendo, hot off the wild success of their newest system, continues to build momentum into the new year.

Nintendo has made a host of new announcements from their recent Nintendo’s Mini- Direct video, including new games and updates to existing ones. Not to be lost in the excitement is the announcement that mobile platform shooter, RunGunJumpGun, is heading to Nintendo Switch. Originally released for Steam, iOS, and Android, the game will now be optimized for play on the Switch.


RunGunJumpGun is a fast-paced, side-scrolling action game that combines elements of an endless runner, a platformer, and a Contra-like shooter. The world of RunGunJumpGun is a dark one but filled with psychedelic illustrations and a sense of relentless pursuits in the face of overwhelming odds.

Deep on the very fringes of space, a group of warlords has harnessed a special energy, known as Atomiks. This energy comes straight from the center of the sun in this extraterrestrial solar system. This energy yields great power, but in their reckless pursuit of domination, the warlords have drained the sun, and now stand on the precipice of complete destruction.

The sun is set to explode into a massive supernova. Every planet will be completely obliterated and all life will be extinguished. You, the player, are all that stands in the way. using a minigun with endless ammunition, as well as the ability to endlessly run.

Players will be tasked with navigating difficult levels, using the minigun to destroy enemies, as well as to successfully navigate the levels. Players will be in a constant state of momentum, using the gun to jump over and under obstacles, as well as navigate through volleys of enemy fire.

Look for RunGunJumpGun in the Nintendo eShop now.

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