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Rise to Glory with Gavra Games

By: Laura Collins

Independent developer Gavra Games has announced that Warriors: Rise To Glory -

Online Multiplayer is coming to Steam.

Become the ultimate gladiator in the comedic combat game of the turn based RPG

variety while honoring the legacy that your ancestors left behind with crushed skulls,

decapitations and anime style death touches.

Features of Warriors: Rise To Glory Online:

● Over-the-top Brutal Combat and High Stakes: Use mighty axes to

crush in the skulls of other players or pierce their armor with deadly

arrows. You could even kick them into life-ending traps. Bet wisely and

raise the stakes, but keep in mind that doing so foolishly could lose glory,

your life, and all of your items.

● Settle Your Beef: Go online with or against your friends to determine

who is the strongest of them all.

● Form Powerful Alliances: Anything goes and everyone is replaceable.

Formulate your winning strategy by forming strong and trustworthy

alliances, but bear in mind that all good things come to an end and

alliances are all the more fragile.

● Level Up: Gather all the experience that you can and level up your

warriors for the following generations with better skills, stats, armor and


● Entertainment is Key: Boost the lineage of your favorite warrior and

hype the crowd in order to rally them into giving you a distinct advantage.

A trip to the local tavern and you can bet on a game of chance to line your

own pockets.

● Roguelike Gameplay: In the tile and turn-based graphics, there is no

coming back for those warriors that die on the battlefield, but their

foundations remain.

● Play Judge, Jury, and Executioner: After proof of superiority in a fight,

you will get to decide the fate of your fallen foe. Should you humiliate

them or end their misery for them? Each decision comes with its own


● No Two Lineages Are Exactly The Same: Use creation features to

make the lineages of your warriors as goofy as your fearsome as you

would like.

In Warriors: Rise To Glory Online Multiplayer, players gain hype from the crowd as

they chuck everything from toilets to bananas as they cheer you on. You will learn that the game goes much deeper than the stabbing, memes, fighting, slicing, and dicing implies. You will discover that in order to win, you will need to include calculated risk, positioning, and utilization of your surroundings in order to fully enjoy Warriors: Rise To Glory Online Multiplayer.

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