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Review: Truck & Logistics Simulator

The Cozy Truck Sim You Didn’t Know You Needed


It seems like every month, a new simulator game or DLC package hits Steam or consoles. Watching streamers with elaborate setups for racing, flying, or cargo hauling is awe-inspiring. I can't help but envy their dedication to a single genre, investing thousands of dollars in equipment for the ultimate roleplay experience.

Publisher and Features

Truck & Logistics Simulator, Simula Games' first Steam offering distributed by simulation game stalwart Aerosoft, brings a refreshing perspective to the simulator genre. The partnership hints at promising updates through a detailed roadmap. Currently boasting over 20 vehicle choices, including panel vans, sports cars, and semis, the game introduces a unique feature – missions where players load their own cargo using forklifts, bobcats, or other vehicles into trailers or truck beds. There's also the option for joyrides around the map, adding a delightful touch to the overall experience.


Unlike some driving or flying simulators with complex controls, Truck & Logistics Simulator serves as a bridge between casual and serious enthusiasts. It accommodates players with various preferences, whether you aspire to roleplay as an entrepreneur, engage in street races, or wreak havoc in a monster truck. The addition of a 24-person multiplayer mode enhances the social aspect, even though team missions and voice comms are currently absent, replaced by a limited set of quick chat options.

Performance and Realism

While the graphics are good, they may not meet the expectations of those seeking Forza-like realism. However, a recent patch has significantly improved visual quality, showcasing the developers' responsiveness to community feedback. Vehicle and environment realism, though not flawless, doesn't distract from the gameplay. Damage physics are basic, allowing for quick repairs at designated stations, but improvements to AI behavior regarding turn signals and traffic lights are acknowledged and in progress.

Gameplay Impressions

Using a controller or a basic wheel/pedal combo is recommended for a more enjoyable experience. With over 20 vehicles in the garage, players can customize exterior paint and console colors. The lack of more customization options like pinstriping, decals, or patterns is noticeable but not game-breaking for realism. However, the inability to sell purchased vehicles for upgrades may be a drawback. Missions, while repetitive, offer variety as you haul cargo, load trailers, or navigate semi-truck containers. The map, though small, features diverse landscapes, providing entertainment with hidden ramps for some GTA-style jumps.

The Way Ahead and Final Thoughts

Simula Games encourages community involvement in shaping the game's future through extensive communication on Steam. The roadmap, complete with a voting and status system, reveals planned DLCs, including logging trailers, fuel tank trailers, supercars, radio stations, and even a Nintendo Switch release in 2024. Truck & Logistics Simulator offers substantial entertainment value, and the developer's transparent approach regarding future updates and DLCs elevates anticipation for the evolving gaming experience. With each patch, the game evolves, making it a continually engaging journey for players invested in the simulation genre.

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