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Review: Path Of Giants

As the third day of PAX WEST concluded, I caught wind of a special event taking place right outside the convention center. The Seattle Indie Expo, widely known as the SIX, was underway in the ballroom of the Motif hotel. Among the friendly faces and joyous reconciliations were various video games in all genres and platforms. One that caught my attention was a small, but delightfully charming puzzle game known as Path of Giants from Journey Bound Games, a Seattle-based developer. With a sharp and simple presentation, intuitive touch-screen controls, and a solid soundtrack, Path of Giants intrigued me with its demo at the event. Several days after the conclusion of PAX WEST 2019, Path of Giants was released on Android Google Play for about the price of a large cup of coffee. With the final game in my possession, I was able to play it through its entirety, and the experience has been resoundingly enjoyable.

Path of Giants is a puzzle-based adventure game where players control three explorers on screen. The three explorers, Bern, Matchie, and Totch, are each distinguished by the color of their clothes: Orange, Blue, and Green. The goal is to use these three adventurers to solve each puzzle of the temple. Switches and paths will correspond to the color of each explorer’s jacket. The test is making the correct choices that lead the correct explorer to the switch. The first two chapters of Path of Giants are simple and straightforward, guiding the player to learn the mechanics of the game. At Chapter 3, the difficulty steadily increases as the game introduces new mechanics to puzzle-solving. This includes disappearing paths and mechanical bridges, as well as platforms on rotating carousels. At the end of each level, all three explorers must be lined up towards a gate. The last puzzle of a level involves circuitry where the player guides several lines of energy to their correct destination. Upon the completion of this last puzzle, the chapter is marked as complete.

Path of Giants places players within a mysterious temple that is said to hold an endless sight of fortune and glory, with great treasures and trinkets to collect. The ancient treasure is called the Lantri, and it was forged together by powerful Gods who mastered their domain of the elements. As the power of these Gods retreated, the Lantri was placed in the protection of the giants, and the temples they constructed; however, those who have ventured into the temple have been unable to retrieve this treasure. The temple is locked and protected by an advanced and sophisticated security system, involving switches and circuitry. Armed with nothing but their coats, knowledge, and good physical physique, three explorers venture towards this temple to unlock its secrets. Using their intellect in problem and puzzle-solving, they venture forth into the unknown structure.

The Puzzles in Path of Giants require some serious brain power, but it isn’t too overwhelming making the game feel both relaxing and enjoyable. The touch-screen works remarkably well in pinpointing exactly where you want your explorer to go. The puzzles are clever, introducing new surprises along the way, but it never feels pretentious. After solving each puzzle there is a great sense of gratification, like an important step that has been accomplished in your journey for riches and glory. I found myself smiling a few times when a puzzle or chapter was completed, remarking how clever it was and how fulfilling it felt to have surpassed the challenge.

The music composition accompanies the fascination and sense of adventure of the game. It felt relaxing but engaging as if there was no pressured time to accomplish the puzzle. Path of Giants encourages the player to go at their own pace and just take in the captivating world and sounds. Additionally, if players ever find themselves stuck on a particular obstacle, a quick undo button is presented at the top of the screen to quickly take a step back and redo a certain step of the puzzle.

Path of Giants doesn’t have anything beyond its main quest, but it works amazingly well with just that. In its simplicity, Path of Giants sends a message that it’s okay to have friends and have friends go along to solve the strange and mysterious puzzles of our real-world. Things will get complicated, strange, and it may be hard to follow through on such a journey, but if you have good friends that have your back, any challenge no matter how large or vast they are, can inevitably be solved.

Path of Giants is a solid puzzle-adventure game. Its fascinating world feels personal but large and grand. The puzzles and the way to solve them are fun, rewarding, and provide just enough challenge to keep players engaged without being worn out. Whether you are on your way on an adventure of your own, or quietly resting , Path of Giants is a wonderful puzzle game for mobile devices.

Platforms: iOS, Google Play

Price: $3.99

Developed by : Journey Bound Games

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