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Tabletop Review: Hello Kitty and Friends Lotería

At first, I wasn't sure about reviewing this game. After all, we're a blog on a website dedicated to Veterans and Active Duty Military members, and what Veteran or Active Duty Military member is going to want a Hello Kitty and Friends Lotería review? But then I remembered I'm a Veteran, and I like Hello Kitty. So I'm going to review this game.

Let's get started: For those of you who don't know, Lotería is kind of like bingo in that you have a tabla or card that you're trying to either fill the tabla or get 4 in a row or column, square or 4 corners to win depending on what the group agrees on. You have to yell, "¡Lotería!" to declare your win, much like yelling, "bingo!". Where Lotería differs is that this game uses cards instead of numbered and lettered balls, and the rows and columns are 4x4 instead of 5x5.

I decided to check out Hello Kitty and Friends Lotería at Friendsgiving with some of my lifetime friends. We usually play 1 or 2 lowkey games after all of the eating and as things settle down. As we were playing, there were a few things I noticed. While the cards and images are cute and very much in line with Hello Kitty, I ran into some problems while playing as the mix of English, Japanese character names, and Spanish confused my brain because I speak all 3 of those languages with very different accents. If you decide to purchase this, it's a great way for your kids to learn some Spanish, but if you're not interested in that aspect, it's best if you choose to stick to the names on the cards in either Spanish or English or the numbers when calling them out to fill the tabla.

Hello Kitty and Friends, Lotería rules alter the normal rules of yelling, "¡Lotería!" by having the winner declare "Supercute!" to win. I was playing with a mixed group of adults. To say the men were laughing at having to yell Supercute is an understatement.

All-in-all, after playing two rounds of the game, in my opinion, Hello Kitty and Friends Lotería should be left to playing with small children, especially anyone who is a fan of Hello Kitty and cutesy pink stuff.

As for the aesthetics, the game is very pink, and dare I say, "supercute?" If you don't like any of those things, this is not a game for you. I think it will make a great gift for someone's niece or little cousin who likes it. The box is small, and all the pieces fit for easy storage. Perfect for a kid to keep on a bookshelf.

If you're interested, this supercute game is available on Amazon and may just be the gift to give this holiday season at $19.99.

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