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Redshirt of the Month: August - TapRackBang

Letter from the Community Manager:

When I started with Stack Up in early 2020, the Stacks Program looked a whole lot different than it does right now. Very few of those Stacks are still with us now, more than two years later. One of the most reliable, inspiring, and straight-up awesome leads I’ve had the pleasure of working with is Chad Christian, AKA TapRackBang, our Dayton, Ohio Lead. Between COVID and life, remaining an active Stack is not an easy task, but instead of throwing in the towel, Chad stuck it out through every challenge thrown his way and has remained one of our most active and dedicated Stacks. I’m thrilled to introduce him as our Redshirt of the Month!

Name: Chad Christian

Discord: TapRackBang#0086

I'm a USMC infantry veteran (3/3, Lima Co., '07-'11), husband and father, Dayton OH Stack Lead and tabletop game reviewer, forever DM and tabletop meganerd, and hopefully soon the owner of a game shop!

How long have you been a part of the Stack Up Community?: Our little streaming crew from back in the day, Scumbag Squad, did a Memorial Day charity streamathon in 2018, and right after that, I jumped in as a Stack lead.

How did you first learn about Stack Up? We had actually done a Memorial Day streamathon in 2017 for a different org, but through that, a viewer had told us to check out Stack Up!

What does Stack Up mean to you? Like many, I had a lot of unresolved issues from service. Helping Stack Up through streaming and such was a no-brainer, as a few of us in Scumbag Squad were Veterans. But when things got really bad for me over 2018-2019, Stack Up's StOP squad helped point me in the right direction and checked up on me often. Stack Up continues to be a resource for me if I need to chat, but also being a part of an organization that recognizes the value of games and uses them to help others cope with the burdens of service is extremely rewarding. Plus, they put up with my occasional BS, and that's always appreciated :LUL:

Have you or someone you know ever used or benefitted from one of Stack Up's Programs? Oh absolutely. As I mentioned before, StOP really helped me and continues to be there when I need people around. Also have been an air assault in the recent past, and it was awesome to get some VIP treatment and be able to relax for a weekend with the Stack Up crew at LACC. Also, even though I help run the Dayton Stack, it's still been hugely beneficial, giving me something to look forward to and participate in with other like-minded gamers.

What is one thing you want people to know about Stack Up? We practice what we preach and provide what we promise, no gimmicks.

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