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red game without a great name game review pc

Red Game Without a Great Name is a title that leaves a charming first impression as you look into the window. Its exterior, without fault, features a charming aesthetic that would capture the heart of any lover of Tim Burton animation””it did for me, at least. Not to mention its outstanding command of music: reminiscent of an old-timey nickelodeon. Red Game Without a Great Name should have been something that I fell in love with throughout my entire gameplay experience. All the ingredients for a damn great time””applicable to my pallet””were there. However, more than five levels in, I felt myself more frustrated than appreciative. This tends to be the case for games ported over from mobile-to-pc. It’s a damn shame.


Red Game Without a Great Name calls back to some of the other endless runners in the mobile market. Where it does well is in mechanical ability on a touch screen””using your fingers to drag your decrepit-bird-avatar around obstacles””does not translate well to a mouse and keyboard. As a matter of fact, we can eliminate the keyboard from the mouse and keyboard claim. You only use your mouse to control your Cute-Frankenstein-like-bird. I often found myself remaining far enough away from sharp objects to not die, yet the game read it as me dying. Precision is key when playing PC games. I tend to think a mouse will always be more precise than your finger on a touchscreen, and it seems that isn’t the case in this port.

Passing through a level to the exit point isn’t a problem, most of the time this can be done simply and without much fault. But, my OCD riddled brain likes to not pass anything up in a level. Attempting to collect all the collectibles in the levels can be frustrating. I understand the need for challenge. I even welcome challenge. However, I find myself staring at the computer screen saying to myself, “Really?”


I can’t help but think Red Game Without a Great Name (love the title by the way) is a terrific product on its home platform. The port, however, is not very well done. Utilizing the keyboard could have solved a lot of problems in terms of precision for this game, but what we have is what we get. I am looking forward to seeing what iFun4All does in the future endeavors. There seems to be a lot of creative talent at this studio. They’re definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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