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Raiden V – Director’s Cut Heading to the West on PS4 & PC this Fall

The long-running spaceship shooter, Raiden, is coming back to the United States this coming fall with the release of Raiden V: Director’s Cut. Raiden V is the fifth installment of the spaceship shooter franchise, which began in 1990.

Known for its fast paced shooting combat, large mechanical enemies, and sheer overwhelming waves of enemies, the Raiden game has been seen on every single major gaming console, from Nintendo to PlayStation. Raiden V was originally released exclusively for the Xbox One in Japan in February 2016. The director’s cut features a bevy of new enhancements for those new to the Raiden Experience.

Raiden V

The game has been optimized to run in 1080p, and will feature a newly designed HUD that will display a variety of information necessary for survival. New ships and new attack will also be included in the action, along with a fully narrated storyline. Look for Raiden  V to arrive on October 5th for PlayStation 4 and  Windows PC.

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