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qurius an ever so qurius game

A normal person usually skims through Facebook or something when they are bored; at least, that’s what they tell me.

Not me though”¦What do I do? I skim through the Google Play store for new apps, usually games.

I was doing this the other day when I came across a beta that had just recently released; Qurius, put out by Icejam Games Inc. It was late and the game looked kind of cute so I figured why not?

I can’t say as I regret my decision any at this point. Qurius is basically a town building game, but what sets it apart from all of the other dozens of building games is that it is based on your real time weather. Weather determines much in Qurius; from what kind of flowers you can gain from meteorites, which give you various resources to what kinds of shelters you can build for the inhabitants, kawaii little creatures called Qarks, which help you in your building and exploring exploits.

You also have a shaman that is “in charge” of building projects and the like and can also be used to cast spells to help you uncover and clear out other parts of the world for usage. There are lots of little side quests to be done, from building more weather beacons to help harvest resources from weather to helping the Quarks uncover lost memories when helping them explore.


You even have your very own Knowledge Tree which tells you which weathers are active and how much power they hold.

As you rise in level, you get access to more mills, which instead of just converting weather gems into stardust, I suspect will help you to harness other materials.

Weather gems are quite useful as they are what the lightning spell uses that helps you to clear undergrowth for more usable areas. I think the easiest way I found to acquire this was to simply have your Quarks rest in their shelters where they automatically generate it over time.


I will warn that this is one of those pay to play games where you can spend real money to acquire more Qbits which aid in speeding up building times and can be used to gain meteorites with better loot and flowers. This being said, I’ve had no issues or no less fun by not buying more Qbits than were offered to me in-game for various accomplishments so I don’t believe that it is one of those games that you absolutely cannot move forward with without spending real money.

As this is a mobile game, and therefore, easily accessible almost anywhere I go, I look forward to seeing where Icejam Games Inc takes things with Qurius.

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