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Quick Look: Total Tank Simulator

Total Tank Simulator just released on May 20th from developer Noobz from Poland, and publisher 505 Games. We’re going to take just a quick look at the game and why I think now and especially in the future this game is worth your time and hard earned money. The short answer is what the whole game is based around, possibilities.

This tank simulator is more accurately described as an all out war simulator, but not quite an RTS or Battlefield either. It lies somewhere comfortably in the middle, without really drawing direct comparisons to either. It would be more ‘accurate’ to compare the game overall to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (see what I did there). You have a plethora of WWII units you can place where you like on a multitude of maps, afterwards they do what would be tactically correct according to their AI behaviors. You can also take control of any unit on the battlefield, whether it be a sniper, tank, artillery, or a fighter plane. This is one of the huge ways I think this game really shines. You get to decide overall tactics, but aren’t confronted with the minuscule movements of every single unit (which there can be a LOT of as long as your CPU can handle the massive load). There are three modes that all utilize this style of play; campaign, sandbox, and shadow. Shadow is of particular interest, as it uses your previous victorious armies to try and defeat you. Everyone knows the best adversary is yourself, and this mode pushes that idea to it’s fullest extent. You might be able to win a few rounds against yourself, but it will only get harder as you…adapt to your own previous tactics.

The campaign has you choosing a faction to build up and power through your own WWII campaign, upgrading tech and units as the game goes on. This is one of the places that I think they can really expand by including Japan and the Pacific campaign areas. Also, many players (myself included) are wondering why the Panzer IV, a workhorse tank for the Germans is strangely absent. I see these as easy things to add in time to grow an already solid foundation. The final huge ask I have that would make the game an instant buy for myself and many others, would be a skirmish mode. A simple 1 v 1 connect to your friend, both of you set troops, and both command the individual units you each would like to inhabit during the battle. Basically, imagine a 1 v 1 Command and Conquer game mixed with Battlefield, but without all the micromanagement and team coordination with either of those games. As Total Tank Simulator stands right now I can easily recommend to pick it up on sale (or right away if you’re a WWII military unit history buff), and if they were to add a simple skirmish or co-op mode: Insta-Buy.

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