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punch club different set rules

When I first saw the game titled Punch Club done by TinyBuild, I was extremely iffy on whether I would enjoy the game. Fighting games have never really been my thing as I’m not very good at them and so I tend to avoid them like the plague.

Punch Club, however; proves that I can occasionally be wrong”¦though it doesn’t happen very often truth be told.

The game is based on the idea that your father was a fighter who died and you have to follow in his legacy and prove yourself to the world as the Dark Fist. Despite all this, there is far more than just fighting to the game. It has an almost Sims like feel to it in some ways. You have to make sure you eat and keep your mood and energy up or training to be the world’s best fighter will be in vain at best. You can gain certain perks by making a character fall in love with you, which is one of many side quests. Sometimes, you can even find burgers in trashcans”¦Disgusting, I know, but oh so reminiscent of the Sims.

Some of the quests even involved fighting rat-like creatures or delivering pizza down into sewer tunnels and so that makes me wonder if reminiscent was not exactly what TinyBuild was after with this one. If so, then they succeeded, and miraculously so.


I enjoyed the fact that there was a story line, but it was also easy to put down the game and pick it back up where I left off without much of a struggle; as my life schedule is known for interfering with my gameplay. Typically, one has to be sacrificed for the other in any kind of experience that I had prior to this, but TinyBuild has seemed to have proved that wrong as well.

One of the things that I liked most about Punch Club is that it seems super simple at first glance, but is actually way more than it appears. When you fight; be it in one of the leagues or the more street-type battles, you get to see various stats, which makes you feel like you are accomplishing at least something. There are skill trees to build and more combinations and ways to build them in such a fashion that everyone’s style of fighting can be not only met, but built upon.

A warning I will give is that you should listen to the guides and your mentors in the game. I thought l could bypass allot of what I was told because I do have a habit of trying to max everything I can. You cannot do that with Punch Club. It requires way more focus than that making the game continually a challenge.

This is definitely a game I will continue playing and recommending.

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