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Preview: Food Truck Simulator Demo

Developer: DRAGO Entertainment

Publisher: DRAGO entertainment, Movie Games

Available on: PC (Steam)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own and run your own food truck? As you eat something delectable from your local favorite, did you ever want to know what life must be like for the folks behind the wheel of some of your favorite meals? Look no further; from the folks who made Gas Station Simulator comes Food Truck Simulator.

To begin with, I'm a huge fan of food and all its forms, from street food to fancy restaurants. From resource to preparation to my plate, I'm interested in all aspects of it. I love food so much that when there's a chance to play with food in games, I'm down.

So, of course, I had to check out Food Truck Simulator. Cooking in games is often dulled down to make it easier to play with. For Food Truck Simulator, the only major difference seemed to be the sped-up clock. If you've ever cooked for other people, you'll have experienced all the blood, sweat, tears, and preparation it takes to put food on the table. Food Truck Simulator does a great job of simulating all of that.

I must confess, when I was playing the Food Truck Simulator demo, it was my second day of unknowingly having Covid, so I was already unprepared for what I was getting into. The demo has you taking on the task of doing everything from repairing, setting up the interior of, and decorating your food truck to driving to locations, buying supplies, managing money, and cooking food. There's a bit of story in the demo, as you're taking on your father's dream and seeing if you have what it takes to step into his shoes.

I'm a horrible driver and even worse in Food Truck Simulator. If you see me behind the wheel of any vehicle, run.

The demo is very much a tutorial of what the overall larger game will be, and it's both challenging and quite fun. At some points, it's even a struggle, but that could have also been some slowing down on my part from having Covid. Once at a location to serve food, being up against the clock had me rushing around to cut, prepare, and cook my burgers to serve customers. The realism behind having to throw food on the grill, cut up tomatoes, throw on condiments, clean surfaces, and put everything on a bun and serve within the timeline had me sweating.

I was enthralled, so much so that after the two hours it took for me to complete the demo, I immediately wanted more. The demo ends with a decent cliffhanger that makes the story interesting enough that I'm curious to see what follows.

Food Truck Simulator doesn't have a planned release until mid-September, but the demo did have some bugginess. I ran into a bug that caused my game to crash while accessing the map for the first time. There was also some stuttering, but with my rig, it was nothing that made the demo unplayable. However, based on what I played, I do not recommend playing Food Truck Simulator's Demo with anything less than the recommended settings. If you get the chance and think Food Truck Simulator might be something that interests you, check out the demo.

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