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Plague Road – Out Now On Steam, PS4, PS Vita,Xbox One

In a world fraught with illness and disease, there is a twisted kind of evil. In this land, teeming with monsters and horrendous creatures, this is no hop or cure, until you, the doctor, arrive. From New York City- based game studio Arcade Distillery comes to Plague Road, a turned based strategy rogue-like that puts you in the role of doctor, who could be the only hope for an ill-fated land.

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Arcade Distillery used the funds to polish and refine the game to fulfill this vision in the best possible way.  As a strategic roguelike, players are tasked with fighting foul beasts across an infected world, using their own weapons and medicinal uses to successfully defeat monsters. Another part of your mission is to rescue survivors, still trapped in the wilderness and unable to escape.  Using special abilities, these survivors have managed to stave off monsters and could be of use for you in this quest.

Plague Road

These survivors can join your party for combat, and if necessary, become sacrificed for the greater good.  However, each time players venture out into the wilderness will be procedurally generated, introducing new enemies and level layouts, and keeping the experience incredibly unpredictable.

Look for Plague Road on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Steam today. Follow Luc Burnard, the combat designer, and Arcade Distillery, for further updates.

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