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pit people inside glance closed beta

First off, I want to apologize for the delay. A hurricane came through and wiped out power for a few days.

Second off, I’m not sure whether to send my praises to Behemoth for creating Pit People; a game capable of making me shirk so many of my adultly duties or shame them for it. Either way, I want to thank them for including me in their closed beta. I can tell already that it will be an amazing game and the time provided (though it was generous) was not nearly enough to curb my newly-found addiction that the power outage put an even earlier end to than I would have liked.

I think Pit People managed to grip my heart from the very beginning. The cartoonish style graphics of games seem to get me. Add in that tactics based role-playing games, Final Fantasy Tactics, in particular, were my first love, which makes things a done deal.


The game starts with an oddly colored bear, bigger than the world itself, crashing into the world. Couple this with snarky comments from some unknown narrator who appears to be some kind of higher power and you are almost guaranteed a great game. Pit People takes it steps further, though. There are cute quests that you can pick up when you are home in your village. Some of these are normal like rescuing animals and taking back to their keepers, but others are more amusing like the one where you have to “escort someone to the potty.” The quests come in parts which I found to be different from other games of the same variety. This became status quo for the game overall. The basis to make it similar to other games was there, but at the same time, so very much made it different.


You could capture and “recruit” enemies you were battling against; the only catch was only one hero seemed to have the ability and it had to be the last enemy alive. Using these recruits, (oh, so many different kinds of people and creature that you could recruit for your team) you could go back down to your hometown and fight in the what was called the The Pit. Here, you used your team to battle either friends or other people to win tournament points. You could also fight against the PC, which proved to be way more difficult than just fighting peers, but still fun nonetheless.


There was also a sneak peak at the very beginning of the storyline that starts with a princess having her castle and village burned to the ground and the hero and team going to exact revenge.

Overall, even though it was just the beta, I am beyond excited to see what comes next with Behemoth and Pit People and where their story goes.

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