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Phogs and Cake Bash Demos Now Available

As part of the Steam Game Festival, Coatsink Games have announced that the demos for upcoming games Phogs and Cake Bash are now available. Phogs and Cake Bash have been special, colorful games that have been seen and reviewed at various events, including PAX EAST this past March. Both games feature a whimsical world to explore and fun gameplay that is simple and enjoyable. The news comes from an announcement at the Steam Games Festival this past week.



Phogs places you as a duo of dogs on a magical quest across various lands made out of dreams. For those familiar with the 1990’s cartoon show, CatDog, you’ll be familiar with the absurdity and surrealism of Phogs. Through these worlds, players solve puzzles with the unique mechanic of being two separate characters, joined as one.

Phogs has been prominently shown at PAX WEST and PAX EAST, and I’ve had the pleasure of playing the game at these events. At PAX EAST 2020, I happened to play with a complete stranger and we had a fantastic time solving the many puzzles of the game. One puzzle had one dog drink water and the other spray it. The same mechanic applies to fire, making for hilarious hijinks. Other puzzles involved stretching the dog to reach a certain area and latching onto knobs to unlock doors. The whimsical dream world had use go through lands made of pillows and parks made of candy. With its simple controls and wonderful presentation, Phogs was a great time, especially with a friend. Phogs is slated for release later in 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.


Cake Bash is a maniacal and over-the-top arena battle game, themed to everyone’s favorite meal: dessert. As a pastry, the goal is to become the most delectable dessert on the plate. Players fight each other for toppings, from gumdrops to chocolate crunch and many other tasty additions. Across dinner plates and cooking plates, player fight to up to four players to be the best tasting treat possible. However, there are hazards that will ruin your appeal. Players can cover you in dirt and knock you into bird poop, lessening your score and the desire to be eaten. Up to four players can joy in the sugary carnage, and with no shortage of game modes, like Fork Knife, there is plenty to enjoy. Cake Bash is certain to delight players of all ages, from kids to adults. Cake Bash is slated for launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Steam.

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